Punching Tools

Regardless of whether you are looking for a standard or special solution, you can always choose the right tool from the largest portfolio on the market. Using the TRUMPF punching tools, you can not only punch different contours and cut sheet parts in a process reliable way, but you can also process them in 3D. The Classic System is the leading tool system for punching machines a wide range of forms, shears, coatings, and available accessories makes the tools very flexible. The system is equipped with Easy-Use as a standard feature, guaranteeing simple setup.

Punching Tools and Accessories


Thanks to the large range of forms, shears and coatings, you are provided with numerous application possibilities

  • Classic System
  • Multi Color
  • Cluster Tools
  • Multi Use

Benefit from the best tool for normal slitting contours, for separating cuts on forms or for visible edges without nibbling marks.

  • Slitting Tool
  • Multi Shear
  • Film Slitting Tool

Create a variety of forms such as threads or bends. Size 5 tools enable even longer and higher forms in one stroke.

  • Countersink Tool
  • Tread Forming Tool
  • Extrusion Tool
  • Cup Tool

Whether intricate graphics or company logos, serial numbers, year of manufacture or batch number – you can emboss, engrave or mark any component with these tools.

  • Center Punch Tool
  • Marking Tool
  • Engraving Tool
  • Embossing Tool

For efficient production and long service lives, TRUMPF offers solutions which make the set up and maintenance of your punching tools easier.

  • Tooling Accessories
  • Setup & Grinding Tools
  • Tool Cartridges
  • Consumables